Chrome Wheel Plating Process

Chrome Pros Plating offers full service custom and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) chrome wheel plating for both motorcycles and automobiles.

Unlike our competition's one, two, or three step chrome plating process, we use a twenty-one step, five plate process for the highest quality chrome possible. We stand behind all of our chrome work by offering our exclusive 2 YEAR CHROME WARRANTY & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are the PROS of the industry!

Your custom wheels/parts are carefully logged into our shipping system and engraved to ensure all customers recieve their original parts. Before the custom chrome plating process begins, the wheels are paint-stripped, acid-bathed and polished to a mirror finish removing all rough cast and imperfections. These first major steps of prep-work is what sets us apart from all of our competetion. If the prep work is not done correctly, the plating will not adhere as well, which inturn leads to chipping, peeling, fading, and yellowing. Explaning our process in full could take hours, but here is a quick run down to help you understand our "exclusive" process. Sanding the parts, leads to good adhesion of copper on the wheel or part. Buffing that copper, leads to good ahesion of nickel to that copper. Color polishing the nickel, adds luster and helps the chromium adhere even better to the nickel. KEEP IN MIND-Chrome will adhere to unsanded, unpreped, unstripped parts. You can realistcally throw parts into a chromium bath and they will come out looking semi-nice. But will they hold up is the real question! These steps listed above, is where most platers skimp to avoid time and labor. We here at Chrome Pros will not allow a part to move on to our next stages of process unless all parts are completly sanded, polished correctly, and pass our mid-step quality control personel. Next, following all prep work, a layer of soft copper is added to remove or fill in any last minor blemishes. We then add a layer of acidic copper, buffing all the copper thereafter. A triple nickel strike is added after the buffing is comlplete to assure good adhession of the chrome. Finally, chromium is added to create an eye catching shine for the final custom chrome plated wheel, part, or accessory.

If you have any questions regarding the services offered by Chrome Pros Plating, please call us toll free at (866)CHROME.

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